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SNL’s Fast Fashion Ad says “don’t worry about it!”

The latest target of SNL's comedic force? Fast fashion brands. Last week, the show presented a hard-hitting and hilarious ad for “Xiemu”, a fictional company that sells fast fashion from...

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Paying Homage to Personal Identities and Roots: Faraz Zaidi & FOUND

Raised in Central New Jersey in an immigrant Pakistani household, Faraz Zaidi’s approach to the globally acclaimed brand, FOUND (previously Profound), is deeply influenced by his heritage and surroundings. “Over...

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Streetwear is All About Culture: The Paisa Boys

Amidst the plethora of soulless and tired collabs between streetwear brands and major corporations, which are, obviously, not just a lazy cash grab (lol!), it’s easy to feel disillusioned with...

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