Our Story

Society Of Cloth was cultivated out of a love for the cultural craft, village economies, and generations of history behind the clothes we wear everyday. With the rise of fast fashion, we seem to have forgotten that each piece of clothing is a form of art and between the threads are stories, traditions, and meaning. We’re here to resurface that meaning by connecting individuals with emerging brands from around the world that are fusing the old with the new and bringing ancient cultural craft into everyday pieces we can still wear to the office or out for dinner. These brands are all vetted by our team for their recognition of local crafts, ethical treatment of employees, and adherence of sustainable development goals. 

After all, what we wear is an expression of ourselves, our curiosity about the world, our appreciation of artisanal work, and our commitment to preserve our earth and home.


We are a Brooklyn based team and share a love for design and craft alongside our community.

As we seek to connect with emerging brands, we aim to do the same with the people we meet along the way.