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Culture, Music, and Fashion at The Brooklyn Mirage

 By Lakesha Harahap

Two months after our online store launch, Society of Cloth hosted its first in-person event in joining record label, Indo Warehouse, to curate a marketplace at The Brooklyn Mirage. Taking place during one of Indo Warehouse’s shows with an estimated turnout of 4,000 attendees, the event received an overwhelmingly positive reception. 

With a focus on craft and South Asian-infused garments, the marketplace proudly showcased clothing and accessories from brands carried on Society of Cloth’s online store —including Maalicious, ManyMany, AOMI, Artless, and Tilted Lotus. Attendees were also introduced to other desi-inspired labels such as Doh Tak Keh, Advait, and Siesta Sets, as well as live painting and embroidery by artists Jency and Arjun.


The marketplace was adorned with draped fabric, floral garlands and Rajasthani umbrellas hanging from the ceiling. Borrowing decor straight from our family closets, vintage and colorful saris were spread over each table. The space was eclectic, colorful, and a mesh of creative voices, capturing the essence of SOC and the event’s cultural inspiration.


By creating a space alongside Indo Warehouse, a dynamic entertainment collective known for spreading South Asian culture, music, and rhythm on a global scale, we were able to curate an artistic experience for attendees. As we continue to serve our mission of fostering community and commemorating craftsmanship, we warmly invite you to join us on our journey and explore the exciting developments ahead. In the meantime, Indo Warehouse is concluding the US leg of their captivating summer tour in Austin – find tickets now!

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All images taken by @ambika.miglani

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