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Paying Homage to Personal Identities and Roots: Faraz Zaidi & FOUND

Raised in Central New Jersey in an immigrant Pakistani household, Faraz Zaidi’s approach to the globally acclaimed brand, FOUND (previously Profound), is deeply influenced by his heritage and surroundings.

“Over a decade ago, [my sister, cousin, and I] started the Profound brand as first-generation Americans born to immigrant families.” (Office magazine, 2024)

FOUND launched in late 2009 with the help of Faraz’s sister and cousin, combining streetwear with high fashion and focusing on elements of adaptability, cultural identity, and the dialogue between contrasts—raw and elegant, light and dark.

“We were naturally drawn to the worlds of design, fabrics, and storytelling — carrying our origin with us by taking inspiration from the sights, sounds, and textures of the homeland. Yet, there wasn’t much that was shared in the company's imagery, story, or even the product.” (Office Magazine, 2024)

The brand delves into Faraz’s personal identity, reflecting a deep appreciation for family, tradition, heritage, and spirituality. It is designed to evolve over time, mirroring the progression of memories and history.

Last year, Faraz introduced the rebrand from Profound to FOUND with a poignant short film shot in Arifwala, Pakistan, his birthplace. This film honors his late father and his efforts to support his village, such as building the first school. It follows the journey of a young boy in homeland, bringing in themes of legacy, the enduring impact of meaningful work, and a deep connection with the South Asian diaspora. The brand and its stories embark on a spiritual and intensely personal journey, offering insights into familial and traditional values, and acting as a profound extension of the creator’s identity and heritage.

Incorporating narratives and storytelling has distinguished FOUND in the luxury streetwear market, setting it apart from the rest.

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