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Society of Cloth Store: Here are the Highlights

By Avni Goel

As some of you may know, Society of Cloth is home to both a journal and store. SOC was cultivated out of a love for the generations of culture and craft that exist within the fashion industry. We aim to resurface the techniques, stories, and intentions that have always been at the heart of fashion as is present in all art. It is equal parts an homage to the rich history behind clothing as much as it is a vessel for change. 

Through our store we strive to connect emerging fusion brands and curious individuals. Our first launch features pieces from South Asian designers who are meshing traditional craft with Western wear. All of the brands are vetted by our team for their recognition of local crafts, ethical treatment of employees, and adherence to sustainable development goals. And not to mention: objectively great pieces.

Bringing ancient cultural craft into everyday wear suitable for the office or whatever happens after, below are a few highlights of what is available on the site now: 



The Cicada Earrings by Maalicious are a modern interpretation of the traditional dejhoor earrings that originate from the Kashmir region. This design features a beaded chain that wraps and clasps securely around the ear, and is accompanied by a golden Cicada. 

The Cicada is known to herald the arrival of monsoon season in India as the hum of their song welcomes the warm rains. Representing transformation and renewal, these earrings are a unique addition to any jewelry collection. 

Handmade by female artisans in India, these 22k gold plated earrings deliver Indian workmanship with a modern flair. Maalicious is a women-run brand and all of their jewelry is created from responsibility sourced materials. 

Find it here: Cicada Earrings



The Kite Shirt by Artless is a long sleeved shirt that can be styled both casually or dressy. It is a pastel blue color with contrasting orange and dark blue embroidered pockets. 

The texture and pattern of the pockets paired with the simplicity of the shirt make it the perfect balance between a staple piece and a statement piece.

Artless celebrates the beauty of handmade creations and natural yarn. All pieces are an ode to India’s rich heritage surrounding the craft of handloom weaving. 

Find it here: Kite Shirt


The Scorpio dress by Bedi deserves more than a double take. It features a low draped back embellished with a golden chain reminiscent of South Asian traditional necklaces. The front is simple with a high neckline. The jeweled chain can be clipped on or off and the material is flexible and breathable. 

Meshing the traditional intricacy found in South Asian design with the attire of western-wear, Bedi challenges the current codes of style for the modern cosmopolitan person.

Find it here: Scorpio Dress



Relaxed yet tailored, the Grapevine Embroidered Trousers from AOMI are a beautiful, staple unisex pant. 

The earthy green tone makes them a great neutral for layering/mixing while the subtle embroidered grapevines add texture and character. A unique blend between structured tailoring and Eastern patterning.

AOMI garments are carefully made by local artisans, showcasing an exquisite attention to detail and design. All of their pieces are defined by their expert tailoring, confident silhouettes, and creative fabric development.

Find it here: Grapevine Embroidered Trousers



The Marakata Box Clutch and Frame Bag from Bella Mews are our bags of the summer. 

Made locally in NYC using the fabric of preloved saris, the bags are gold framed with a deep emerald floral print. Regal in look and size, the bags are large enough to carry everything from your phone to your keys. They include gold chains allowing for multiple ways of wearing. 

All Bella Mews products represent the creative reuse of fabrics and ethical production practices. Repurposing silk saris to create vibrant and elegant accessories, all of the bags bring in South Asian artistry and fusion elements into classic shapes. Apart from this emerald green, the Box Clutch and Frame Bag come in a wide variety of other colors and patterns.  

Find them here: Marakata Box Clutch   Marakata Frame Bag

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