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Streetwear is All About Culture: The Paisa Boys

Amidst the plethora of soulless and tired collabs between streetwear brands and major corporations, which are, obviously, not just a lazy cash grab (lol!), it’s easy to feel disillusioned with the current state of fashion. Apparently, streetwear is dead. But who killed her?

Could it be the luxury fashion houses, with their appropriation of streetwear elements, that have diluted its authenticity? Or maybe it's the repetitive cycle of "hidden" logo graphic tees, reiterated time and again?

At its core, streetwear is more than just mismatching cotton t-shirts and size 34 denim jeans; it's a reflection of culture, a medium through which we, as wearers of clothes, engage with and contribute to our surroundings.

And that’s precisely why I believe streetwear isn't dead. It remains the most accessible realm for infiltration (in fashion), where designers can truly innovate through storytelling and contribute meaningfully back to the culture. Without storytelling, it's merely a cycle of slapping tired logos onto cheap t-shirts, offering no value beyond the basic utility of being a shirt.

Besides, how can streetwear be dead when Paisa Boys are alive and well.

By blending fashion with cultural homage to their Mexican heritage, Joey Barba and Javier Bandera have successfully carved a unique niche within the LA streetwear. The Paisa Boys not only highlights their creativity but also celebrates aspects of Mexican-American identity that are often overlooked or underrepresented in mainstream media and fashion.

From launching pop-up stores reminiscent of OXXO, an iconic Latin American convenience store well-known among Mexican Americans, to reimagining the 1998 Mexican World Cup 'Aztec' jersey with an outline of Jesus Christ, the Paisa Boys are nothing short of innovative while deeply nostalgic.

The Paisa Boys exemplify the enduring vitality of streetwear. By paying homage to their roots and highlighting underrepresented narratives, they not only keep the spirit of streetwear alive but also enrich it, making it more inclusive and reflective of a broader spectrum of experiences and identities.

Remember kids, every Paisa is a Star!

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