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The newest from MARGN is almost too good.

I've always been a fan of minimalist techwear, which means I've been following MARGN for a while now. What makes the brand so unique is their ability to blend classic silhouettes with a touch of the unexpected (like a crocheted spine-looking object in the center of a plain black shirt). And the newest arrivals from the India-based team are no exception.

"The showstopper"

When people say fashion is art, this is what they mean. My god these pants are awesome. These are perfect for the first event of a summer wedding or if you find yourself at a beach club anytime soon (jealous). What came as a surprise to me here was the use of the light blue for the crochet work, rather than defaulting to a neutral tan or brown color. I could see these paired with a light blue linen shirt and a textured loafer like these ones.

"The elevated basic"

These shirts are great for if you want to wear something unique but in a muted, nonchalant "oh this? I just threw this on" kind of way. They work well standing on their own or I could even see them as a base shirt for a suit. Pair them with off-white wide leg trousers and beige Birkenstocks (boston clog or sandal) and you're good to go.

"The one for the over-booked"

If you live in New York like us, you know that item versatility is everything. You're busy and you've managed to pack 30 hours worth of plans into your 16-hour day. And this shirt does it all. It goes to lunch with your in-laws. It buys rounds for the guys as you watch the Euros. It plays mini-golf on a date. Really what can't it do?

"The utility short"

The structure of these shorts feels the most techwear-esque out of all the picks, with the brown woven taping detail bringing that surprise element that feels so intrinsically MARGN. You could go fully off-white for the shirt + shoes, making sure the shirt is a boxier fit. Or a slim fit black shirt and black loafers + brown high socks would look great as well.

Anyways, that's the roundup of our favorites! See MARGN's full collection here.
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