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Tips on sustainability and shopping during the colder months.

By Nisha Khater

It dropped below 30 degrees in New York today, which means winter is definitely here. Along with the frozen eyelashes, extra hot coffees, and 4:00PM sunsets, here are some thoughts on sustainability and shopping during the colder months:

  1. For cashmere or wool pieces, many local thrift stores tend to be stocked with sweaters at very reasonable prices. Just make sure to check for quality, pilling or any holes.
  2. If you’re buying new ski gear, consider donating any old ski apparel you don’t need anymore. Ski clothes are made to withstand harsh weather and conditions, making them ideal for individuals experiencing homelessness in the winter.
  3. Uniqlo heat tech is the universe’s gift to humankind.
  4. A good down coat is meant to last years, or even decades. There are tons of them on The RealReal that are only 1–2 years old, meaning that you can get a sustainable, high quality coat at a reasonable price point. And you would have done something good for the earth by purchasing a pre-loved item!
  5. If you have suede boots or jackets, the Kiwi suede protector will ensure you can wear them in rain or snow and they won’t get ruined.

Stay warm!

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